The course of a treatment

Is this your first treatment with ostejo or would you like to know how a treatment can be carried out? In the following we have briefly summarized the most important facts.

The course of a treatment follows certain modules (anamnesis, findings, information, treatment), which can, however, merge into each other.

At your first appointment we will start with an anamnesis interview. During this we will talk about your current complaints as well as your previous medical history, your lifestyle and goals, and any training plans. If you have reports from doctors or imaging procedures, please bring them with you.

This is followed by a manual examination, in which the spine, extremities and internal organs are examined in particular. For this examination it will be necessary to remove your outer clothing.

With the knowledge gained, we will jointly draw up a treatment plan. Depending on the situation, a passive therapy and/or active therapy will take place.

After the therapy different reactions can occur. Normally these subside quickly and should not be noticeable after two days. These reactions include: Sore muscles, tiredness, headaches, altered digestion. This should not worry you. It simply shows that the body is dealing with the new stimuli.

In order to support the therapy in the best possible way, it is advisable to avoid heavy physical work for 24 hours after the treatment. A 10-minute walk directly after the therapy is recommended. Please also make sure that you drink enough fluids.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: